Bushwise – Training School


A leading, safari field guide school has a marketing strategy but lacks man power to implement effectively.

Bushwise – Training School
Bushwise – Training School


A 25 hr per month support package to help them execute their digital marketing strategy.

  • Social media management
  • PPC Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design for asset creation
  • Website management


Over a period of 12 months we enabled the company to scale their digital marketing strategy resulting in the following metrics. As a result, digital marketing is now their primary method of gaining new clients and is responsible for their business doubling in size over a 12 month period.

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After 3 months

  • Leads: 12% increase in paid leads and 5% increase in organic leads
  • 11% increase in customer sign ups
  • Facebook reach grow by 23.53% and engagement by 14.89%.
  • Email database increased by 245%, Open rates increased by 47% and conversions via email increased by 63%
  • 50% increase in website speed

After 6 months

  • Leads: 17% increase in paid leads and 9% increase in organic leads
  • 16% increase in customer sign ups
  • Facebook page saw an increase in fans by 33%, reach by over 40% and engagement by 33.78%.
  • Bounce rate of 4 most visited website pages reduced by 20%

After 12 months

  • Leads increase: Leads: 45% increase in paid leads and 36% increase in social leads
  • 50% increase in customer sign ups
  • Facebook fans increased by 93.4%, reach by 232.23%, and engagement by 423%.


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