Global Vision International – Travel Company


Education travel company Global Vision International were using a mixture of freelancers, a marketing agency and interns to cover multiple needs with limited success. They needed a part time marketing manager (65 hours a month) to provide strategic direction, run campaigns and manage their freelancers. As a travel company they experienced high levels of seasonality, so they required the flexibility to increase their hours to 145 hours a month for 4 to 6 months a year.

They also needed access to additional specialists on an ad hoc basis including Social Paid Advertising, Video Editing, Content Creation and design.

Global Vision International – Travel Company
Global Vision International – Travel Company


An affordable, flexible, monthly package that gave GVI access to their own highly trained digital marketing manager, with experience in the travel industry backed up by a team of PrimePixels specialists. Some of the activities covered by their PrimePixels marketing team include:

  • Creation, implementation and optimisation of marketing campaigns
  • Management of specialists / freelancers
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing sequence emails
  • Referral scheme implementation and management
  • Paid Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin)
  • Content creation (website landing pages)
  • Blogging & copywriting
  • Graphic design (ad hoc service when required)
  • Video editing (ad hoc service when required)
  • Basic Website changes


PrimePixels Media
  • Reduced time and costs surrounding management of & hiring of multiple agencies and freelancers. Estimated cost savings per month £1250GBP
  • Increase in brand visibility in terms of SEO and social media audience, social reach grew 208% within the first 3 months and has steadily climbed 23% per month since. Client acquisition via social grew 38% after 2 months
  • Paid social marketing resulted in reducing current client acquisition costs by 45%
  • Effective email marketing, open rate increased by 18% and client acquisition increased by 9% resulting in 5 more clients a month
  • Increase in website site traffic; organic 45% over 4 months, direct traffic 38% over 3 months. Website conversion rate increased 21%
  • Overall growth in new clients saw an average increase after 3 months of 27% achieving an overall ROI of 128%


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