London Analytics – B2B Financial A.I Technology


London Analytics is a leading provider of B2B cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for financial businesses of all sizes.


London Analytics, an exciting and brand new business, came to us while still in their name generation process. They needed to build a strong brand presence, quickly, via social media. Their overall goal was to increase the amount of followers on their LinkedIn page, to increase brand awareness, and ultimately gain quality potential leads and clients.

London Analytics – B2B Financial A.I Technology
London Analytics – B2B Financial A.I Technology


Financial Technologies & Services


20-hour social media

Services Provided

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media content creation
  • Ad hoc design work
  • Quarterly reports to track their overall growth


After some initial design and brand work, we agreed that the most optimal social media platform for their business would be LinkedIn. We created a strategic lead-focussed social media plan that outlined the type of social media content that would be posted, a hashtag support strategy and optimal posting times. The look and feel of their page was also provided. The content is now regularly created and posted by the account manager on an ongoing basis. The solution does not include paid social advertising at this stage.


After 5 Months of regular posting

PrimePixels Media
  • Grew the LinkedIn brand page by 525 followers (starting from 0).
  • Achieved an average engagement rate of above 7%.
  • Achieved 41K impressions across social content.
  • Generated over 1K click-throughs to their website from LinkedIn.


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