Mara Engai Lodge – Hotel


A luxury safari lodge located on the Masai Mara needed assistance growing their social media, increasing lodge bookings and to help position them as the best safari lodge on the Masai Mara.

Mara Engai Lodge – Hotel
Mara Engai Lodge – Hotel


A 25 hr per month social media package that delivered a social media strategy that focused upon the delivery of high quality curated content and real time engagement resulting in:

  • Increase in enquiries and bookings
  • Increased engagement and reach on all platforms
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Coherent branding and messaging across all platforms


PrimePixels Media
After 3 months

  • Facebook reach grow by 85.78% and engagement by 64.3%.
  • Instagram fans increased by 157.75% and engagement increased by 332.8%.
  • Twitter reach increased by 141.1%

After 6 months

  • Facebook page saw an increase in fans by 17140%, reach by over 135K% and engagement by 145.25%.
  • Instagram fans increased by 338.58%, and engagement increased by 927.02%.
  • Twitter fans increased by 24.4%, reach by 325.85%, and engagement by 266.71%.

After 12 months

  • Facebook fans increased by 18156.21%, reach by 136K%, and engagement by 523.37%.
  • Instagram fans on the new account increased by 452.48%, and engagement increased by 971.32%.
  • Twitter fans increased by 31.7%, reach by 332.65%, and engagement by 273.5%.


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