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as little as R300/hour

Get 30 hours of Marketing Strategy, FREE . Sign up today!

T&Cs apply. Offer valid until 31 January.

Get 30 hours of Marketing Strategy, FREE . Sign up today!

T&Cs apply. Offer valid until 31 January.


We do it all! Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & then some. You can also count on us to fill you in on new trends that you should be testing.

Well, the real question is does your target audience use the internet? Because 84% of internet users are on social media & 97% of them used it in the last month.

We don’t believe that long-term contracts serve our clients well. Things change and we understand that. With PrimePixels you’ll have the freedom to cancel anytime at no charge.

Absolutely. Our social media managers know how to respond professionally & timeously to all your comments & messages, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

We’ll give you an agency experience at freelance rates. But unlike freelancers, with us you’ll always have backup because you’re getting access to a full marketing team for one predictable fee.

Sign up for a 30-minute call with one of our friendly consultants. We’ll ask some questions to better understand your needs. If you’re happy to proceed then you can get started within a few days.

All services offer the freedom and flexibility
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Neil Finnie

Neil Finnie


“We were wasting so much money on marketing until we started working with PrimePixels. They have been the single most important addition to our team in the last 2 years and are solely responsible for our tremendous growth online.”

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Simon Motson


“I’ve been struggling with my site for years.
I know I should be doing updates and I know it’s bad for mobile but I just couldn’t find the time or desire to figure it out. I’ve hired a few freelancers but they’ve always disappeared when bigger projects come up. PrimePixels has given me exactly what I need; reliable and office web support. Highly recommended!”

PrimePixels Media
PrimePixels Media
PrimePixels Media
PrimePixels Media